HI THERE! I’m Brandy Savage!

I’m a lifestyle confidence coach, trainer, and generally awesome woman. My obsession is teaching others how to manifest their best selves to live their best lives.  I believe that every single person on this planet is capable of creating their best life.  They just don't know it yet!  


I went to a great liberal arts college. I did it up real big. I studied abroad.  I drank myself into a stupor.  I made amazing, lifelong friends.  I experienced life changing events. Life was great.  And then I became an adult.

At first, I thought adulting was easy and walked tall in my ignorance.  

However, I lacked real confidence.  The confidence that knows yourself fully inside and out. The ability to face challenges with caution and gusto. The conviction to stand up for myself when everyone else sat down.

It took some time, and a lot of work but I have finally found my voice, my confidence and trust in myself. So now, I want to help you find yours. That’s what motivates me as a coach.

I believe that were are all perfect, whole, complete people with the ability to make wonderful things happen in our lives.  Sometime though, we lose sight of our natural inclination for excellence.  That’s where I come in!  As a coach, I will help you focus on your primary motivation, set goals that matter to you, and cheer you on as you smash them.