Pencil in a Date for Yourself

Being a single lady surrounded by couples is tough.  Trust me, I know.  I am literally the last single friend in multiple friend groups.  College Friends, married. Work friends, married with kids.  Friends of friends, looking like Noah's Ark...two by fucking two.

But you know what?  That's ok!  Because I have mastered the art of dating myself.  It's so important to devote special time to loving yourself and enjoying your own company. 

Think of the best dates you've been on...dinner and movie? picnic in the park? museum followed by a wine bar?  coffee house afternoon?  You can do all of these things solo dolo.  

The beauty of taking yourself on a date, and I do mean a real date, is that you are treating you like a special person.  That type of self-care and self-love is what is going to propel you into the best your life has to offer. If we can dress up and paint our faces for someone else, why can't we do it for ourselves?!  

You deserve the best in life.  You deserve to feel special.  

Don't wait for someone else to take you out.  Take yourself out.  Treat yourself like the glamourous unicorn you are!  Wine and dine your own damn self.  You are worth it!