Planet Fitness is the Gym for Me!

One of the goals that I’m focusing on in my 34th year on this planet is to be healthier and more physically fit. This isn't so much about weight loss as it looking forward and knowing what I want my body to be capable of as I age.  A few years ago, after joining and failing to actually attended many gyms, even ones within walking distance to my house, I decided to give it a go one more time. My mom had recently got a membership to Planet Fitness and on a visit home, she took me.  I was hooked. And before you start hating, no it wasn’t because of the free pizza and bagels. Truthfully, I’ve only seen the bagels once and that was about 2 years ago.

Let me tell you why my Planet Fitness membership is the gift that keeps on giving

  1. Access all day , every day (almost) - I absolutely stan for Planet Fitness being open 24 hours!  Most people are probably not going to use this feature but it has proven to be a game changer for me.  I hate going to the gym after work or when everyone one is there. I don’t like crowds in general, nor do I want a whole bunch of people watching me struggle and sweat.  So for me, being able to get up at the butt crack of dawn and work out is everything. Plus, sometimes I get a touch of insomnia and I can go to the gym at 2am not feel like a weirdo.

  2. Cheap - As a black card member, I pay $20 plus tax a month to access any PF location I want.  Is it the most luxurious gym in the world...hell no. It does its job, which is provide enough equipment for the average gym goer to get it in.  I spend more than that at Starbucks during a week. I’m currently going 3 days a week, which makes each visit worth about $1.70. You can’t even get on the metro for that amount.  

  3. So many locations.  I travel quite a bit and in another life, I was in a different city almost every week.  With my black card membership, I have access to ANY PF location in the whole damn country!  That means no matter where I am, I never have an excuse to not get my fitness game up. Talk about motivation!