Break the negative self talk cycle!

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t…YOU'RE RIGHT!
So, why don’t we try to be on the side of CAN!
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We all need a cheerleader

On the sideline, pumping us up!
I’ve crafted the 31 best affirmations I could find to give myself…and you a quick cheer.
Let’s get fired up!


A Personal Touch

My 1-on- 1 Coaching is for women who are ready to tackle a BIG challenge, whether it be
starting a side hustle, creating a MAJOR life change, or finally dumping the negative
personal/professional garbage .
Coaching with me is not for the faint of heart
I will push you.
I will poke you.
I will make you cry (in more ways than one!)
But if you are dedicated to living your best life right now, then this is for you.
Reach out to me to schedule a free discovery session.


Community, Girl!

It takes a community to raise…well EVERYTHING!
The POP Women Group Program is designed to connect like-minded, strong women to work
together to get all types of shit done in a 12 week period.
Ready to be surrounded by fierce, fabulous ladies working together to create a LIFE THAT